Child Participation Accessment Tool: How we did this in Czech Republic


To verify the CPAT indicators, we used research of laws, manuals, organized focus groups for children and adults, addressed the child and adult population through a questionnaire survey.

List people or organisations involved in producing the resource

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs 

Building Participatory Environments
Age range of target people
0-8 years
9-12 years
13-15 years
16-18 years
Characteristics of children and groups
All children

We wanted to find out how the Czech Republic is doing in terms of children's participation.

Focusing on cooperation with children and adults who work with children and ask them questions about how children are listened to and taken seriously. 

We connected with children and youth through our partner organizations


We have put together a team of people who have been involved in children's participation and the protection of children's rights. 

We have organized workshops and consultations with experts to identify issues and choose priorities. 

We tried to listen to the children, youth and experts as much as possible

Next Steps

We found out important shortcomings in the child care system.

After each event, we asked the children for feedback.

We have a better idea of how to strengthen children's participation and what activities to focus on. The children gave feedback because their involvement in the project, they feel that they are listened to more.

Modes of participation
Countries this was based/targetted
Czech Republic
Profile of target group
National Authorities