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We created a big conference for children to raise topics and explore solutions.
Children and young people are the advisers of the Ombudsman for Children, who meets with them to find out what they think. Six to ten meetings are held annually with groups of children of different backgrounds and living different lives.
The Education and Culture Committee of the Finnish Parliament piloted the hearing of children as part of its work in spring 2021.
Children and young people were given the opportunity to propose ideas for promoting the rights of the child. Based on the ideas, children and young people voted on the ideas selected for the final implementation.
This video describes how 'The Ark', a cultural centre in Ireland dedicated to children, carried out the 'Hear Our Voice!' project. The intitative aimed at understanding from children what was important in accessing arts and culture services. The…
This study represents another milestone on the journey of supporting philanthropic practice in becoming more inclusive and closer to those it serves. It is based on: a survey of and interviews with 40 European philanthropic organisations; focus…
The main goal was introduce CPAT to all participants, talk about Safety when including children, talk about the Myths which are present in our society and often shape our approaches towards children and together search principles in the…
Inclusion of deaf children in the consultation process carried out in the course of the implementation of the CPAT by the CNPDPCJ.
The Ministry of Justice launched in 2022 an online council “Digiraati” to support children’s and young people’s online participation in decision-making processes.
A design thinking process with Child Advisory Team (CAT) to facilitate development of a campaign concept, messages, and assets targeting decision makers (e.g., politicians) and administrators