Children and Youth Participation in Philanthropy


This study represents another milestone on the journey of supporting philanthropic practice in becoming more inclusive and closer to those it serves. It is based on: a survey of and interviews with 40 European philanthropic organisations; focus group interviews with children and young people involved with these organisations; and 11 case studies of participating organisations. The study provides recommendations and clear examples of initiatives by foundations along this journey, which can be used to spark discussion on the various modes and phases of participatory philanthropy, whatever the target group or thematic area.

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Lucia Patuzzi, Luís Manuel Pinto

Building Participatory Environments
Individual Participation
Collective Participation
Age range of target people
0-8 years
9-12 years
13-15 years
16-18 years
19-25 years
Characteristics of children and groups
All children
Modes of participation
Phases in cycle of participation
Connecting with Children
Identifying Issues and Priorities
Investigating Children's Views
Taking Action
Following-up on Actions
Evaluating and Sharing
Skills trained
Not specified
Profile of target group
Type of resource
electronic publication (PDF)
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