Listen to us, it is very important for us. Safety and Myths in the child participation


The main goal was introduce CPAT to all participants, talk about Safety when including children, talk about the Myths which are present in our society and often shape our approaches towards children and together search principles in the communication among adults and children.

List people or organisations involved in producing the resource


Building Participatory Environments
Collective Participation
Age range of target people
9-12 years
13-15 years
16-18 years
Characteristics of children and groups
All children

Participatory group Platforms into adulthood

This platform was created so that children and young people can give feedback on the care system for vulnerable children.

Involve youth who have personal experience with institutional care.


The ministry established cooperation with this platform.

Youth involved in this platform could comment on legislative changes being prepared. 

This youth platform also had the opportunity to propose a form of cooperation between institutional care system and non-governmental organizations that help vulnerable children.

Next Steps

The opinion of the youth was included in the wording of the legislation.

Modes of participation
Phases in cycle of participation
Investigating Children's Views
Taking Action
Skills trained
Countries this was based/targetted
Czech Republic
Profile of target group
Educators (e.g. teachers)
Social Workers
Municipality Staff
Local Authorities (Policy-makers; Decision-makers)
National Authorities
Target group's degree of knowledge