Participation campaign of the National Child Strategy


Children and young people were given the opportunity to propose ideas for promoting the rights of the child. Based on the ideas, children and young people voted on the ideas selected for the final implementation.

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Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Collective Participation
Age range of target people
0-8 years
9-12 years
13-15 years
16-18 years
Characteristics of children and groups
Not specified

Children and young people were asked to come up with ideas on what should be done to make the rights of the child better known and to collect them in the lives of all children. Ideas could be proposed by one person, by a group of children or, for example, a school class.

A group of experts discussed the ideas of children and young people. In addition, non-governmental organisations and schools throughout Finland were widely involved in the campaign.


The campaign consisted of four phases:

Submitting ideas, the work of the expert group, selection of ideas (by voting of children and young people) and the implementation of selected ideas.

The ideas selected by voting has been / will be implemented during 2022-2023 in accordance with a pre-determined budget.

Next Steps

Based on the ideas presented in the campaign, the National Child Strategy now implements four ideas for children and young people. 

Children have also been involved in the implementation of the ideas. One of the ideas was a board game on the Rights of the Child. Children participated in the design of the board game. 

The National Child Strategy's inclusion campaign has attracted interest. It has received praise for the state's implementation of participatory budgeting for children in this way for the first time.

Modes of participation
Phases in cycle of participation
Connecting with Children
Identifying Issues and Priorities
Investigating Children's Views
Taking Action
Following-up on Actions
Evaluating and Sharing
Profile of target group
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